Unexpected Visitors

Unexpected Visitors Book Cover

Add Have you ever thought about what goes on at your house while you’re at work or away with friends? No, nobody does. Click the lock, slam the door and you’re off on your next adventure. Karla Grainer didn’t either; she was just focused on making her flight to her next client.

When Karla would return home, she found clothing in the dryer she’s convinced isn’t hers, a bottle of champagne she cannot for the life of her remember purchasing to numerous calls from her home security company indicating a “triggered alarm”; all the while making her think she’s tired or crazy.

Karla is able to identify her “Unexpected Visitors” with the help of her devoted family and snarky friend, Eide. And thanks to Eide, Karla is embarrassingly railroaded into having coffee with the newest pilot at Colorado Mountain Rescue. Is the dark haired, dark eyed pilot with the million-dollar smile helping to keep her safe?


Book Publication Date
10 Dec 2021
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