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Reading Jacket website for readers and book lovers everywhere. A growing website of easy to find published books.

Books are listed in genres to make them easy to find, and once you have read the description there are links to where the books can be purchased.

Unlike most book listing websites,

  • we do not sell books ourselves,
  • we do not allow affiliate links,
  • we do not charge authors to list their books.

The result is a simple but comprehensive book listing website without the adverts, and without any pressure.

We also don't have reviews or star ratings under the listings. That's because we don't think they are very helpful. Readers are all unique, and all have different likes and dislikes. One reader may like a book another reader dislikes, and vice versa. That's how it should be. 

That's why the site is called 'Reading Jacket'. Relax into your reading jacket and enjoy reading about all the books available on the site.

The Reading Jacket website is aiming to become the go-to website for book information.

  • Readers have full access with no registration requirement
  • Books are listed by author, by genre, and by format.
  • Books are listed with no reviews.
  • The website contains no adverts.
  • Just book descriptions, book covers, genre, and author name.

Bookmark us, and watch Reading Jacket grow into the premier book listing website. Later, you can tell your grandchildren you were there at the beginning, when Reading Jacket started.

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Authors and Publishers who register on the Reading Jacket website can submit and edit their own book listings.

Reading Jacket is for readers and book lovers everywhere

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